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Can What You Post on Social Media Affect Your Injury Case?

Accident Law Group, man texting and driving, man on social media and driving, Dangerous driving habits

You post everything about your life on social media because you want to keep your family and friends updated. This includes anything from the vacations you take to the new job promotions you receive over time. So what happens when you’re injured in a personal injury accident? Perhaps, after you …

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Things You Shouldn't Do in Regards to Your Injury Case

If you have received injuries in an auto accident, you must be able to show four things: that a defendant owed you a duty of care, that a defendant breached their duty of care, the defendant’s actions caused injuries, and that there is some way you can be compensated for your injury. Arizona neglige…

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A Better Understanding of the Personal Injury Settlement Process


When you first become injured in a car accident, the two things you may be thinking of are this: “I need to receive medical treatment” and “I need to talk to a lawyer.” Most people automatically assume that they will be pursuing personal injury damages in court, but the truth is, only up t…

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Emotional Distress From an Accident?

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How You Can Show You Suffered Emotional Distress in an Accident

When you hopped inside your car and headed off to work or to pick a child up from school, you never expected your day to end in an accident. It showed you that anything can happen in the blink of an eye and, no matter how prepared yo…

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Truck Accidents and Preserving Your Case

Have you ever heard of a “black box” in trucks? Black boxes are recorders implemented on commercial trucks that save data through a variety of sensors on the truck. They are great to have because they can record data that happens nearly seconds before an accident, which can be useful in your cas…

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5 Car Accident Myths Concerning Your Accident and Injuries

You have been injured in a car accident and, because you have read so many conflicting things on the Internet regarding your accident and how you can bring your claim. People who are injured in a car accident suffer a barrage of medical bills, struggle to return to work, and more when all they shoul…

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What You Need to Know About Vicarious Liability and Respondent Superior

You think you have it all figured out after you have been involved in an accident. It is clear that another party was liable for your accident and played a negligent role in your case, and now you will be able to bring a claim against them for damages. But what about a little theory known as vicario…

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