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Truck Accidents and Preserving Your Case

Have you ever heard of a “black box” in trucks? Black boxes are recorders implemented on commercial trucks that save data through a variety of sensors on the truck. They are great to have because they can record data that happens nearly seconds before an accident, which can be useful in your case. But are black boxes are a requirement today? It didn’t use to be this way.

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Black boxes used to not be a necessity, which means that companies could choose whether or not they would use them on their vehicles. However, today the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration ensures that black boxes are always used in trucks across the U.S. This is due to the prevalence of truck accidents in America today and how we work to protect those who have been injured in these accidents. Truck drivers are supposed to be some of the safest drivers on our roadways.


Black boxes not only protect us from harm on the roads but also drivers, as they give information on how much sleep a driver has gotten, which protects them in the long run as well. Nobody wants to lose their lives in a truck accident, which is why these are great tools to preserve important data.

Obtaining Data on a Black Box

Any attorney will tell you that preserving your truck accident after it occurs is one of the best ways to work toward the compensation you deserve. Black boxes in truck accidents are some of the best evidence that you can possibly have after you have been involved in a life-changing accident with a commercial truck. However, there is one problem: Many companies are adamant that black boxes remain their property because they want to protect themselves from a lawsuit. You may find that, after a truck accident, it is not so easy to obtain this information. People in the past have found that companies even destroy evidence at times, ensuring that they will not owe compensation to a driver even though it was clearly their fault.

Black boxes are useful to many people after an accident because they can answer the very important question: “How did my truck accident actually occur?” Data collected can show that a truck driver was speeding where they weren’t supposed to, never stopped at a stop sign based on their location, or that they suddenly swerved with no explanation. This is why it is vital to speak to an attorney as soon as possible to protect your rights and learn more about black boxes in truck accidents, and how they can help you.


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